Electric Boats: Everything You Need to Know

An electric RAND Roamer 29, a sustainable motorboat, sails in Split, Croatia's scenic waters.

Curious about electric boats? Wondering what sets them apart from traditional watercraft? Electric boats are revolutionizing water travel with their clean, eco-friendly, and efficient design. In this article, we'll explore the world of electric boats and why

they're gaining popularity among environmentally conscious boaters and those seeking tranquil sailing experiences. From serene city canal cruises to adventurous escapades in pristine nature, electric boats offer a green and serene way to explore the waterways.

What is an electric boat?

An electric boat is a watercraft that features an electric boat motor as its primary propulsion source. These boats rely on electric power generated by on-board batteries, solar panels, or generators, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for recreational water activities.
Electric boats are gaining popularity due to their quiet and

emission-free operation, making them an excellent option for environmentally conscious boaters and those looking for serene trips. Whether you're exploring pristine lakes, navigating urban waterways, or enjoying leisurely cruises, electric boats offer a clean and serene boating experience that aligns with a greener future.

The aft of an electric boat gliding over ocean waves, symbolizing eco-friendly travel on the water.

Top 10 reasons to buy an electric boat

If you’re in the market for a new boat, you’ll want to consider the remarkable advantages of going electric. From long-term financial benefits to a reduced environmental footprint, there are numerous compelling reasons to opt for an electric boat. Here, we present the top 10 reasons why you should consider investing in an electric boat:

1. Environmentally responsible: Electric boats are a sustainable choice that minimizes their impact on the environment, allowing you to sail with a clear conscience.

2. Serene silence: Say goodbye to noisy engines and embrace peaceful cruising with an electric boat, where you can enjoy great company without the distractions of a roaring motor.

3. Minimal maintenance: Electric boat motors eliminate the need for filter replacements, fluid changes, or seal maintenance, ensuring you spend more time on the water and less time at the dock.

4. Enhanced acceleration: Leading the charge in innovation, RAND Boats offers electric boats with sterndrive technology for sporty handling similar to traditional petrol boats, combined with impressive acceleration due to immediate electric power.

5. Cost-effective: While the upfront investment in an electric boat engine may be higher, you can bid farewell to exorbitant fuel expenses and maintenance costs,

ultimately leading to long-term savings.

6. Effortless operation: Electric boats make boating smoother than ever. Just press a button and go – no need to warm up the engine or deal with clunky gear shifting.

7. Convenient charging: Simply plug in your boat overnight using a standard 16A marine shore supply or a fast charger, and wake up to a fully charged boat in the morning.

8. Smart boating: Embrace the future of boating with our intelligent technology. The steering console is seamlessly connected to the RAND app, offering real-time remote access, live updates, GPS fencing for theft protection, AI user modes, and more.

9. Range assurance: Forget range anxiety. Most day boat owners rarely cover more than 40 km in a day, and our electric boats boast a planing range of up to 80 km, ensuring you have all the power you need.

10. Future-proof investment: The growing trend towards banning petrol boats in sensitive areas is making the transition to electric boats more relevant than ever. By choosing electric, you future-proof your boating experience against potential restrictions on fossil fuel-powered boats in various countries.

In conclusion, when you invest in the future of boating and buy an electric boat, you can enjoy a cleaner, quieter, and more cost-effective voyage.

Electric boat motor: RAID by RAND Boats

An electric boat motor by RAID Marine for motorboats that makes boating more sustainable.

When choosing an electric boat motor, you can enjoy benefits such as noiseless sailing and minimal maintenance. At RAND Boats, we are constantly working on innovative technologies and designs to achieve our goal of bringing boating into the future. This commitment has led us to the invention of RAID, a high-performance electric motor made by RAND Boats.

Discover the unparalleled power and precision of RAID by RAND Boats' electric boat motors, tailored to transform your boating adventures. Our cutting-edge electric boat motors incorporate a German permanent magnet sourced from the aerospace and rail

industries, combined with a custom-programmed motor controller for optimized ocean performance.
These motors are powered by innovative Li-NMC technology batteries, redefining industry standards with their remarkable weight-to-performance ratio of 5 kg per kW/h. They come with an IP 6X rating, meeting safety certifications for the European Union and global markets, ensuring efficient energy storage.

With hassle-free charging options featuring a range of voltage and amperage choices, you’ll enjoy quick and convenient charging times.

When it comes to the range of electric boats, especially advanced models like those from RAND, the possibilities are impressive. These innovative electric boats can sail well beyond the expectations of many enthusiasts. The range of an electric boat largely depends on factors like battery capacity, efficiency, and sailing speed. For those looking to enjoy a leisurely cruise, RAND's electric boat models can easily cover over 200 nautical miles in cruising speed. This extensive range is a testament to the efficiency of electric propulsion and the advanced technology employed in these vessels. It means you can go on extended journeys without worrying about running out of power. 

If you're in the mood for a more spirited ride, electric boats can still impress. In planning speed, RAND's electric boats can cover a range of 30-50 nautical miles. This option allows for exhilarating water adventures while maintaining a respectable distance. It's worth noting that this range is suitable for most recreational boaters, as it accommodates day trips and excursions with ease. It's essential to understand that every vessel, electric or not, has its limits. However, the ranges offered by electric boats, especially top-tier models like RAND's, are more than sufficient for most boaters. Whether you prefer a relaxing day on the water or a thrilling ride, electric boats have the range to meet your needs. 


Charging your electric RAND boat is a simple and eco-friendly process. You can connect it to a standard 16A marine shore supply or use a fast charger. Leave it to charge overnight, and by morning, you'll have a fully charged electric boat ready to set sail.

This option provides convenience, environmental responsibility, and cost-efficiency. Your electric boat's performance stays optimized, ensuring a smooth sailing experience. Electric boat charging is user-friendly and accessible, suitable for various locations and settings.

A wide range of electric boats to suit your needs

An electric adventure boat sailing in the waters of Split, Croatia.

Electric boats have become increasingly diverse, offering various choices to cater to various preferences and experiences. At RAND Boats, we take pride in presenting a wide selection of electric boats designed to meet a range of purposes. 

The Breeze 20 is a perfect example of our electric cruising boats, ideal for rediscovering your hometown from a fresh and unique perspective. With user-friendly control panels and effortless maneuverability, even novice sailors can confidently take the helm. 

For those who seek extraordinary adventures, combined with comfort and luxury, the innovative day yacht, Archipelago 32, offers an unparalleled experience in the heart of nature. This vessel

promises a level of comfort that elevates your journey into an unforgettable experience.

If you're in the mood for remarkable nautical adventures and exhilarating water sports, the Play 24 is the perfect choice. This boat extends an enticing invitation to explore the sea like never before, ensuring that every outing is a thrilling and unforgettable adventure. 

Currently, we offer a diverse range of 10 electric boat models, each meticulously designed to cater to various needs and preferences. What's more, all of our boats can be equipped with either electric or traditional propulsion engines, providing you with the flexibility to choose the power source that best aligns with your unique requirements.