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Whether you're sipping champagne on deck, exploring beautiful new cities from the water, or spending quality time with loved ones, the Leisure 28 elevates leisure boating to an art form. Its 8.44 meters of abundant space, Danish design, and robust performance redefine on-water luxury. With ample seating and social areas, it's a platform for relaxation and connection. During both thrilling high-speed adventures and tranquil cruises, the Leisure 28 ensures a safe and engaging journey.


The pinnacle of on-water luxury

Hull width: 2.5m | Hull length: 8.4m Weight: 1650kg

Leisure is 28 feet, Fits 12 people & includes a 2 person cabin. Available with electric and petrol engine

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Indulge in Danish elegance & ultimate luxury


Leisure 28 epitomizes Danish design blended with powerful performance. Its minimalistic approach and graceful lines redefine luxury at sea, offering a unique day-cruiser experience.


Leisure 28 excels in spacious luxury, featuring a triple aft sun lounge, an expandable oversize U-sofa, a full kitchen, a 2-split door toilet, and a 2-person luxury cabin on the lower deck. It's designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation, making it the ideal choice for motorboat enthusiasts.


Whether you're craving high-speed sailing in calm waters or adventurous wave-riding in the ocean, the Leisure 28 offers fun, engaging steering while maintaining stability and safety. Its design combines grace and functionality, offering freedom of movement. The streamlined steering console is designed for effortless operation and high usability. It enhances the ease of control, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride on the water.


Leisure 28 features a dedicated kitchen and bar at the center of entertainment, providing a convenient space for refreshments and meals. This feature enhances the overall experience, making it ideal for socializing and relaxation.


Leisure 28 prioritizes sustainability with its lightweight construction, ensuring superior performance and lower fuel or electricity consumption. We use recycled plastics and bio-based hybrids to reduce the environmental footprint, making it an eco-friendly option in the watersport boat category.

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From €159.900

Boat Model

  • Model

    Leisure 28

  • Hull length

    844 cm

  • Hull width

    255 cm

  • Weight excl. engine

    1900 kg

  • Draft

    35 cm

  • Maximum crew

    8 persons

Electric Engine & Range

  • E-drive 170 kw inboard incl. 78 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (8kt): 64 km
    Top speed: 30 Knots

  • E-drive 265 kw inboard incl. 117,5 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (8kt): 97 km
    Top speed: 40 Knots

Petrol Engine & Top Speed

  • Mercury F 300 Outboard

    TOP Speed: 44 knots

  • Mercruiser 6.2L-350 HP Bravo 3 Inboard

    TOP Speed: 45 knots

  • Mercury Diesel 3.0L-270 HP Bravo x 3 Inboard

    TOP Speed: 40 knots

*All performance figures are calculated and are intended as an indication. These figures cannot be guaranteed, as top speed and duration are affected by the cleanliness of the hull, conditions of the propellers, weight carried, and the condition of the sea. Equipment selections and production processes may lead to variations in the boat’s stated weight.

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