A family sailing on the motorboat Mana 23 by RAND Boats.


The day cruiser Mana 23 by RAND Boats sailing in the ocean with a family onboard.

From €49.900

Mana 23 lets you escape to a world of tranquillity. This day cruiser is an invitation to enjoy the water, whether you want to go for a dip in the ocean or cruise around the city canals. With a design that combines Danish aesthetics and sustainable materials, the Mana 23 offers an eco-friendly, low-maintenance journey. Whether you're sunbathing on the aft double sun lounge or sharing a sunset dinner with loved ones, the Mana 23 provides an idyllic setting to create lasting memories.

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Indulge in a world of serenity on this eco-friendly day cruiser, designed to create the perfect setting for making lasting memories

Hull width: 2.3m | Hull length: 7.2m Weight: 690KG

Mana is 23 feet & Fits 10 people. Available with electric and petrol engine

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Mana 23 has a one-of-a-kind layout, accommodating up to 10 passengers. It features a dining area in the bow and a double aft sun lounge with an extendable backrest, ensuring both comfort and functionality for your day cruising adventures.


The center dining table is at the heart of the picnic-style concept. With rounded corners inviting your touch, it accommodates up to ten people and can be customized with stainless steel cup holders or left in its original form, adding a traditional picnic feel to your gatherings.


 By centering the steering console, Mana 23 ensures the captain remains an active part of the conversation while maintaining visibility of the crew. This design fosters a social atmosphere where everyone can participate.


The Mana 23’s layout offers areas designed for various purposes. Whether you’re sunbathing on the aft double sun lounge a sharing a romantic dinner at sunset, the ergonomic backrests and comfortable seating ensure hours of cruising pleasure.

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Mana 23’s highly functional and simple steering console is designed for an engaging sailing experience. The extraordinary hull design, with reduced hydrodynamic drag, is adapted to effortlessly pierce the waves and respond immediately to steering. This, combined with the hidden outboard engines, provides thrust in the direction you are steering toward.


Mana 23 is crafted with sustainability in mind, combining Danish design aesthetics and user-friendly functional solutions with sustainable materials. With electric outboard engines and solar cells neatly integrated under the aft sun lounge, this low-maintenance displacement boat is easy to use and ideal for eco-conscious boaters.


Mana 23 is tailored for exceptional experiences, featuring integrated bow boarding stairs with convenient bimini storage and meticulous cork detailing throughout. This eco-conscious vessel offers walk-around features with the choice of a midship kitchen integrated into the console, rather than twin seating. It's optimized for unforgettable moments on the most eco-friendly motorboat worldwide.

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From €49.900


  • Model

    Mana 23

  • Hull length

    720 cm

  • Hull width

    230 cm

  • Weight excl. engine

    790 kg

  • Draft

    25 cm

  • Maximum crew

    10 persons

Electric Engine & Range

  • Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 Outboard incl. 15 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (5 kt): 45 km
    Top speed: 10 Knots

  • Torqeedo Cruise 12 Outboard incl. 20 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (5 kt): 62 km
    Top speed: 10 Knots

Petrol engine & Top speed

  • Mercury F 30 ELPT

    TOP Speed: 14 knots

*All performance figures are calculated and are intended as an indication. These figures cannot be guaranteed, as top speed and duration are affected by the cleanliness of the hull, conditions of the propellers, weight carried, and the condition of the sea. Equipment selections and production processes may lead to variations in the boat’s stated weight.

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A top-view rendering of the day cruiser Mana 23 by RAND Boats.

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To further accentuate the sleek design of the Mana 23, you have the option to choose an inboard engine.

The Mana 23’s versatile layout suits various needs, from sunbathing on the aft sun lounge to hosting dinners for up to 10 people.

The center table comes with four optional integrated cup holders.

The hidden bimini top gives you high flexibility to adapt the boat for your needs on the go.

Elegant, long-lasting, and high-performance decking is secured with Flexiteek.

Every corner of the boat