Roamer 29

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On the Roamer 29, every moment is an invitation to explore, enjoy, and connect with the sea. This powerful vessel redefines the art of maritime exploration, offering a unique blend of usability, style, and comfort. Whether you're in the mood for thrilling adventures or peaceful solitude, the convertible pilothouse offers exceptional protection from all weather conditions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the maritime experience.



Utilize every moment of your adventures to explore, enjoy, and connect with the sea at a never-before-seen level of style, usability, and comfort

Hull width: 2.72m | Hull length: 8.82m
Weight: 2300 kg

Roamer is 29  feet, Fits 10 people. Available with electric and petrol engine

Images may not be an exact representation, as features can vary due to customizations.



The steering console is designed around effortless sailing providing an extremely user-friendly interface where all the boat’s primary functions are within reach of the captain. The interactive touchscreen includes navigation and sailing information such as speed, fuel consumption, light controls, etc. As a part of RAND’s intelligent boating, the steering console is fully connected to the RAND app, giving you real-time remote access, live updates, GPS fence for theft protection, intelligent AI user modes, and much more.


Roamer 29 offers exceptional protection from the elements through its rugged steel, glass and carbon hardtop, making it ideal for expeditions across all weather conditions. Equipped with two suspension bucket seats in the pilot house, both the pilot and the passenger will experience extra support when navigating rough waters. The pilot house also offers a tent function, allowing you to drop down the sides and close off the boat for the night.


No matter if your adventure entails fishing, kitesurfing, camping, or other explorational pursuits, the front utility deck offers ample storage space by simply removing the cushions and loading in your gear. The flat design of the utility deck also serves as an exceptional platform for fishing in shallower waters.


At the aft, two versatile mounting points empower you to customize the space according to your needs, whether your specific Roamer 29 configuration offers the camping setup with a kitchen or a dedicated scuba dive station. The innovative design is crafted to evolve with you, enabling seamless integration of additional modules whenever you want to redefine the area’s functionality.  For example, you can choose a wet bar add-on, fully equipped with a sink, two cupholders, a gas burner, and storage space for other kitchen tools – perfect for preparing food or maybe even making a delicious dinner out of freshly caught fish.  


Enhanced by an ultra-sharp bow and the dynamic shape of the off-shore deadrise hull, Roamer 29 ensures top-tier efficiency, maneuverability, and comfort, even during adventures in rough waters.



From €169.900


  • Model

    Roamer 29

  • Hull length

    882 cm

  • Hull width

    272 cm

  • Weight excl. engine

    2300 kg

  • Draft

    41 cm

  • Maximum crew

    10 persons

Electric Engine & Range

  • E-drive 170 kw inboard incl. 78 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (8kt): 64 km
    Top speed: 30 Knots

  • E-drive 265 kw inboard incl. 117,5 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (8kt): 97 km
    Top speed: 40 Knots

Petrol engine & Top speed

  • Mercury F 300 Outboard

    TOP Speed: 44 knots

  • Mercruiser 6.2L-350 HP Bravo 3 Inboard

    TOP Speed: 45 knots

  • Mercury Diesel 3.0L-270 HP Bravo x 3 Inboard

    TOP Speed: 40 knots

*All performance figures are calculated and are intended as an indication. These figures cannot be guaranteed, as top speed and duration are affected by the cleanliness of the hull, conditions of the propellers, weight carried, and the condition of the sea. Equipment selections and production processes may lead to variations in the boat’s stated weight.

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Adventure is best when shared with friends and family. In line with RAND’s innovative and socially oriented design DNA, Roamer 29 is the perfect facilitator for connecting with your crew members onboard through the 180-degree rotational pilot and passenger seats allowing you to enjoy meals together around the center picnic table. Additionally, the middle seats have a flipping backrest for on-the-go adaptability.


For maximum passenger comfort, Roamer 29 offers a relaxation area in the bow with a versatile, fold-out king-sized sunbed, a great space for leisure activities and also serving as a tent bed for overnight adventures.  


To ensure that your living comfort on the Roamer 29 is complete during overnight trips and day expeditions, you will discover a bathroom with an electric toilet and skylight onboard. From the bathroom, you can access a storage space large enough for wakeboards or other odd-sized equipment.  

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