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Our ethos

At RAND Boats, we strive to build a community around our love for the oceans. To achieve this goal, we create aesthetic, eco-conscious and user-friendly motorboats.

Sailing into the open horizon allows us to return to our true nature and be reminded of what’s greater than ourselves, and we want to share this experience with you. Join us in our mission to explore, respect, and restore the harmony between the oceans and humankind.


We aspire to create the best products to support your ventures on water. Each boat is designed with a specific purpose in mind, from cruising through the canals of a busy city to exploring the unknown on the open ocean.

True for all of our boats is the fact that the steering console is designed to ensure effortless sailing, providing an exceptionally user-friendly interface for both seasoned sailors and novices.


We strive to lead by example, pioneering sustainability in the world of leisure boating to protect our planet’s health. For all of our boats, we offer electric propulsion systems enabling you to enjoy sailing without worrying about noise or pollution.

Our boats all incorporate a lightweight wave-piercing hull, thoughtfully designed to enhance efficiency and comfort across all speeds. The distinct hull shapes extend electric range significantly and lowers fuel consumption by 30-60% when choosing traditional propulsion.

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