A man sailing on the motorboat Breeze 20 foot by RAND Boats in the ocean.


A fun day on the water in an electric 20 foot boat in the sun

From €39.900

Breeze 20 is the ultimate urban luxury escape, allowing you to comfortably explore your city from a fresh perspective or dive headfirst into the vibrant vibes of new neighbourhoods. Even for those new to boating, you'll find it surprisingly easy to navigate through the canals and uncover everything the city has to offer, from the most renowned cafés to emerging pop-up art galleries. With its central picnic table, a fold-out sunbed, and ample space for socializing, Breeze 20 provides the perfect backdrop for spending quality time with friends and family while discovering your surroundings like never before.

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Embark on the ultimate urban escape and enjoy quality time with loved ones in complete comfort

Hull width: 2.1m | Hull length: 5.99m Weight: 595kg

Breeze is 20 feet & Fits 8 people. Available with electric and petrol engine

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The Breeze 20 features easy-to-understand control panels and is easy to manoeuvre, allowing even new sailors to feel comfortable behind the steering wheel. This ensures you can enjoy effortless sailing without compromising on quality or luxury.


Sharing good times with friends and family is at the heart of the Breeze 20, facilitated by the innovative layout that includes a bow seating area with a center table positioned near the console, ensuring the captain can easily join the conversation.


For ultimate comfort on sunny days, the bow seating area can effortlessly transform into a 175x250 cm sunbed by lowering the picnic table. When you fold back the sunbed, all the additional cushions can be neatly stored in the storage space beneath the seats. As an option, you can also choose an innovative design feature that includes a concealed bimini top in the aft storage space. This provides you with the flexibility to easily remove and add your bimini on the go, using a straightforward two-step foldout process.


With its 20ft length and weight of only 595 kg, the Breeze 20 can be towed behind any car and easily transported from one location to another, depending on depending on your next exploration’s destination. Additionally, this allows you to avoid berth fees in some areas, as you can simply launch the boat into the water and retrieve it on a trailer.


A significant aspect of the simple boating concept behind the Breeze 20 is the spacious storage areas that accommodate all the equipment and personal belongings you require onboard. Additionally, there are dedicated compartments for extra cushions, fenders, an anchor, and other essential boating gear, ensuring you can move freely around the boat.




The lightweight construction and hyper-efficient hull design of the Breeze 20 make it an excellent choice for electric propulsion, enabling you to enjoy the silence of an electric engine, the absence of offensive fume odors, low operating expenses, and minimal maintenance requirements. The hull design is meticulously crafted for efficiency, providing the optimal conditions for electric boating and reducing fuel consumption by 30-60% when choosing a traditional propulsion system.


Even with a traditional propulsion system, the Breeze 20 still boasts an industry-leading green profile due to its efficient hull design and sustainable production using organic and recycled materials. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also certified and tested for strength, with no compromises on craftsmanship and the long-term preservation of the boat.

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From €39.900


  • Model

    Breeze 20

  • Hull length

    600 cm

  • Hull width

    225 cm

  • Weight excl. engine

    595 kg

  • Draft

    35 cm

  • Maximum crew

    8 persons

Electric Engine & Range

  • Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 Outboard incl. 10 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (5 kt): 39 km
    Top speed: 11 Knots

  • Torqeedo Cruise 12 Outboard incl. 15 kWh Lithium Battery

    Cruising range (5 kt): 58 km
    Top speed: 11 Knots

Petrol engine & Top speed

  • Mercury F 60 EXLPT SeaPro Outboard

    TOP Speed: 25 knots

  • Mercury F 115 EXLPT EFI Outboard

    TOP Speed: 35 knots

*All performance figures are calculated and are intended as an indication. These figures cannot be guaranteed, as top speed and duration are affected by the cleanliness of the hull, conditions of the propellers, weight carried, and the condition of the sea. Equipment selections and production processes may lead to variations in the boat’s stated weight.

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A top-view rendering of the RAND Boats Breeze 20, an eco-conscious day cruiser.

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To ensure a safe sail, you’ll find a sturdy rubber fender list alongside the hull to protect your boat from damage and scratches.

The bow seating area can easily be transformed into an optional sunbed by lowering the picnic table with four integrated cup holders.

The main hangout area is located in the bow, with a central table positioned near the console so that the captain can easily join the conversation.

At the steering console, you’ll find two integrated cup holders for your convenience.

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